About Us

AIKYAM Weaves is an ethical brand bringing together artisanal craftspeople and sustainability advocates. Our name, AIKYAM, means “oneness” in Sanskrit – reflecting our vision of uplifting artisans while preserving age-old handicrafts and the planet.

The AIKYAM Story

AIKYAM Weaves was conceived by Mythili Balaji, a passionate advocate for artisanal crafts, ethical production, and eco-conscious choices. After years in the fast fashion industry, she returned to her roots to align business values with personal ones – sustainability, authenticity and empowerment.

AIKYAM partners with craft cooperatives and artisan clusters across rural India practicing eco-friendly production methods and natural materials like clay, wood, metal, and natural fibers. By blending heritage techniques with a contemporary sensibility, we offer arts, home decor, accessories, gifts, and more, focusing on quality and sustainability.

Our Vision

To showcase Indian handicrafts with a global appeal while preserving cultural legacies and artisanal crafts.

Our Mission

We showcase diverse arts, crafts, and artisans, connect creators with appreciative customers, and support livelihoods ethically while benefiting the environment.

Our Philosophy

Art touches every aspect of life. By infusing ethics and ecology into artistic creation, we can support communities, promote culture, and sustain nature.

Our Commitment

From workshop to home, AIKYAM celebrates slow craft principles - ethical wages, natural materials, and traditional techniques that foster people, crafts, and the planet for posterity.